MON-SUN 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.

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Let some delicate handmade desserts swell your head in the legendary French pastry shop.

French pastry boutique Creme Brulee Pastry was opened in 2020 in Almaty and is granted flagship status! Sebastyan Vinkye the pastry chef has been making the collection of French desserts, breads and pastries since 2010. He has managed to combine French, Italian, Austrian cuisine traditions and offer desserts of various forms and colors with original presentation, preserving traditional recipes.

Carefully selected ingredients, adherence to technology, no preservatives is the secret of delicious pastry. Classic macarons, fruit puree-based marmalade, French patty cakes, hand-made chocolate bonbons and much more make the collection of Creme Brulee Pastry! Pastry is known for its bread assortment – traditional, French, gluten-free, and so popular positions as “Campagne with nuts and raisins” and “Vita” are the only ones in the whole city!

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