14.12.2017 Gastromarket Colibri is the most delicious new place in the city

On December 14, was presented the new concept of the Gastromarket Colibri store, which is located in the heart of the historical center of Almaty, at the corner of Kurmangazy and Tulebayev streets. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, Gastromarket Colibri introduced his team of chefs from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, France and Italy. The taste of exclusive dishes according to the unique recipes of Gastromarket Colibri revealed all the subtleties of the amazing gastronomic world of Colibri.

Guests of the evening could one of the first to feel a new concept - "SHOP ON THE HAND". A warm, cozy, almost homemade gastromarket, like an open palms - a symbol of customer confidence in the highest quality of products from the best producers from around the world and their own cooking.

Salads, snacks, Italian antipasti, dishes from poultry and meat on the grill, cooked only from chilled, not frozen meat. Bright juicy fruits and vegetables, cheeses, dairy products and meat delicates from our own smoking house, many varieties of tea and coffee, confectionery and much more can be purchased now and in Gastromarket Colibri on Tulebaev! Welcome!